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The Catskill Mountain Maker Camp

Blackthorne Resort ~ East Durham ~ New York ~ United States - OCTOBER 7-10 By: Mark Wille

What if there was a place where you could meet like-minded folks and spend the weekend working with your hands? This place exists and these friends provide the space and know how to meet, learn and create together.

Creating tools & working with tools: A maker produces pieces, parts, processes and products sometimes out of necessity and other times out of the drive to create. Many maker practices are self-taught, others are passed on and some come from new waves of technology. Each is a steppingstone to the next great idea. The variety at The Catskill Mountain Camp ranges from turning a lathe to make your own pen all the way to cnc work, forging, welding and powder coating.

Check out the amazing demonstrators for the 2022 season: Lodging options and food is all inclusive and the list of people to meet, share time with, create with and break bread with is a big one. If you are unable to attend the in person, Make it Take it event follow along on Instagram and take the time to connect with these dedicated makers: Catskill Mountain Maker Camp:

Our friends from the Shop Class Podcast will be there to teach, participate, learn, instruct and take part in the goings on of the weekend, I encourage you to follow their account and say hello. These teachers meet Every Wednesday on Google meet and a list of their videos are on YouTube: Tim Zavacki Duke Lazowski Nick Bodnar Ron Grossinger ShopClassPodcast

I participate in Shop Class Podcast every week and learned about Catskill Maker Camp from these amazing teachers. Like many of you I am unable to attend this incredible weekend... not to worry, they keep us well informed through their non stop action on The IG and tagging of other Teachers & Makers.

Check back weekly to OffSiteDirt for events, videos, stories and insights from our Friends at ShopClassPodcast.

How did I hear about this? Thanks for asking. Matt Blomquist aka Build Learn Teach invited me: Creating introductions to new faces is a big part of growing and supporting community. Ever EXPANDING REsults and #greenstepsforward with Teachers, ShopClass & Makers.

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