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The Evolution of Homebuilding

Audree Grubesic of Modular SureSite sits down for a conversation about the evolution of home building with Mark Wille, a high-performance construction tech professional.

Going back to the settlement days of America, frame houses were the first true home. Although they did not allow for indoor plumbing or electric they did protect individuals from the weather. You had to put on your boots to go to the out house but eventually indoor plumbing was available and single pane windows were added to the structure to allow for light and warmth.

As electric became invented. it was yet another addition to add to the creature comforts in indoor living. But bringing in electric and indoor plumbing also created some problems with humidity and the need for insulation. These processes of adding in more comfort to the homes were different from region to region. A home in Arizona had different needs than a home in the Midwest.

Home building evolved and now has become a scientific method. Mark says that "buildings tell us what they need." With modular construction, many of these questions are answered before the product gets to the site and there is a need for it like humidity control, air filtration and even how the building envelope is created.

Tune in and listen how buildings can be tested to become more efficient and better places to live in.

As buildings evolved and more products were brought into the home the emissions from things like sofa, clothing and your shoes may be culprits of brining in volatile organic compounds or commonly known as VOCs into the home. These require constant ventilation as opposed to a sealed box where they could be breathed in. It’s not always as simple as just opening a window to bring in the fresh air.


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