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The Many Benefits of Container Small Living

Courtesy of Forever Homes

More cost-effective than traditional housing

You can purchase a container home within a price rate of $10,000 only and the utility costs are almost the same as a traditional home except in a few cases. More than that, a container home requires fewer building materials and equipment along with a very less amount of labor extraction to complete the project. The cost could be optimized more than usual by trying to do some work with your DIY skills. A container home having space of 160 sq feet would cost you around $1,500 to $3,000 per unit while if the house spacing is 320 sq feet, the price would go up by $3,500 to $4,500 per unit. In overall price, $10,000 to $35,000 is enough for you to have a quality living place. Container homes are durable During the build of shipping containers as living places, manufacturers prefer using corten steel which has self-healing power and is able to protect the containers to a great extent. This steel has also good protection against water and moisture, ultimately leading to better durability of the production. Some of the small living containers also use weathering steel that can withstand any sort of inclement weather situation better than conventional homes. The materials of the containers help the living space to have a better lifespan than any other conventional home. Obtaining building permits is difficult In the post-pandemic era, it has become a new phenomenon that to build a shipping container home you need to have building permits, though not in all the regions. Several states like Texas, California, Colorado and Oregon including a few other major cities in the West-coast require building permits and have come up with some other regulations for the construction. So before trying out a shipping container home, it's best for you to ask your local or regional city planning office about the building codes, zoning restrictions, and required permits for container house building.

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