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Thinking Inside the BOXABL

Imagine being a kid and opening up a new toy. It's a box that transforms into a playplace that you can climb, sleep, read, make a snack and more.. Well, it's not a dream, in fact it's reality. BOXABL has created a pre-fabricated home that comes... well right out of the box.

Affordable housing is needed. The BOXABL mission is to lower the cost of home ownership and change the way home construction has been done for hundreds of years. It's thinking is outside the box. Without sacrificing luxury or the highest standards set in home building, it also takes into consideration the element of sustainability to last for generations to come.

What's unique about this modular home build is that it is compact for delivery on a standard semi-truck and unfolds into a ready-to-live in abode. Mechanicals and plumbing are integrated in the design so turn-around in set up and use is quickly accomplished. The walls and windows unfold into a fully customizable home.

This company is a disruptor in the marketplace. It is the future of home design.

Here's what founder, Galiano Tiramani has to say about building and the future of construction.

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