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Third Party inspections: What You Should Know

One of the most important parts of new construction are the inspections on that project to make sure it's safe and following the building code requirements. For site build construction the inspection is through the municipality and for modular construction it could be through a 3rd party inspector. There are two major issues with inspections.

Municipality inspectors are not able to travel to the factory to inspect the modular construction process and making sure it is up to building code standards. John Duemling with T.R. Arnold & Associates explains the internal construction code, testing procedures, training and their inspection process. John offers expertise in an area we generally do not explore unless we are the builder or general contractor on the project.

Offsite Dirt gives a greater clarity with this process and the importance of offsite construction differences compared with traditional construction. T.R. Arnold & Associates company provides solutions and assists to make the inspection process easier and more informed.

Join us for more on We showcase current news, techniques, technology, influencers, and conversations in offsite construction. This form of construction encompasses volumetric, modular, prefab, panelization, and single and/or multi-trade assemblies.


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