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Training Event & Off-Site Celebration

The flyer waves like a flag. Las Vegas, New Mexico has a new wall in town thanks to our PHriends at B.Public Prefab. Their commitment to the development of regionally focused green manufacturing and builder training is taking a great stride this season. The launch of a new R&D manufacturing facility in Las Vegas, NM and the hosting of our first builder training event in December is a great way to wrap up an active 2022 and boost the 2023 construction season.

Nine builders attended from NC, NM, and CO + a line of industry professionals are interested in the programs and training to follow. Check out what Jonah Stanford has to say: “It was really gratifying to see how intuitive the hands-on training went for builders after the more technical aspects of high-performance building were understood."

Speaking of hands-on ... with a quote like the one below I am sure the line will grow and grow here, check out what Tom has to say: "Several of us from High Country Timber frame attended the B.Public Prefab installer training in Las Vegas, New Mexico and we came away very impressed with the B.Public panelized system, its overall simplicity for efficient installation, and its proven high performance application for net-zero and passive house standard projects. Working with a well thought out and engineered high performance panelized system, with modern quality control processes integrated into the manufacturing line, allows me to proceed with confidence when recommending the B.Public system to our clients. Our goal is to introduce net-zero and passive house methods, materials, and standards to all of the homes we design/ build moving forward and I anticipate that B.Public will be a perfect partner in that endeavour. I've had two promising discussions with clients already just since returning from the training about using the B.Public system for their upcoming projects. Moving forward on the right path is a necessity for conscientious designers and builders as we have a critical moral and ethical role to play in the energy consumption arena in the days, months, and years to come."

--Tom Ortiz-Owens, High Country Timberframe and Gallery Woodworking, Boone, NC

Mission driven and partnership focus are key elements in the day to day with the great team, when I spoke with JD Scott, I jumped from my chair. Sometimes in our work we stop and ask when? When is is going to POP? When is all of this great work and ideas going to really POP? We believe now is the time for new opportunities.

"The install training represented a critical step in B.PUBLIC's mission to move the industry away from carbon-intensive, status-quo construction and towards high-performance prefabrication; away from individual projects and towards systems thinking. It was a celebration of the knowledge and effort the team has put in over the past few years, and it was the beginning of key partnerships with builders and craftspeople that will drive future successes," said JD Scott.

When reading this, if you know Edie... then, you already know, she has the right thing to say all of the time and over delivers. We were talking and I asked her for a quote about the training, her response to, "Are you ready?"

"The joy and enthusiasm of our trainers was well matched by three teams from three companies learning about prefab installation. Of course, it was infectious as soon as they got hands-on. Outstanding week for the pilot training, now we are excited to improve, add, and offer this program again in the spring," replied Edie Dillman.

Keep up with B.Public: If you are heading to Las Vegas, NM make sure to book an appointment with B.Public Prefab. All the way from BC (British Columbia, Canada) comes Shaun St-Amour to teach the air control strategies..."On a job site you are winning or learning. Working on stitching panels for the first time and the landing process involves: care, patience, along with the finesse of a sledgehammer."

"The goal of this R&D facility has been realized and it will usher forward the opportunity for growth in other markets." said SSA Clay Construction #theclayway can be found on IG:

One of the sponsors of this great event was 475 ~

Johnny Rezvani of 475 said, "Being able to train multiple crews from different locations across the country all at once is representative of the way prefab panelization is able to scale. This method of construction is the most exciting growth area we're seeing in North America and is changing the game for the high-performance industry."

If your going to the NAHB International Builders Show in Las Vegas, NV stop by B.Public Prefab's booth and check out the awesome Off-Site Panels construction. I hope that you and your team keep an eye on these events and trainings. The chance to learn these skills and bring them to your community is so very exciting. Edie and Jonah have an incredible team and this construction is changing the way we grow and scale.

Keep learning and sharing with your community while taking #greenstepsforward ~Mark Wille


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