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Uniting Forces for Sustainable Construction: A Conversation on Energy Ratings and Beyond

In a transformative exchange of ideas, Audree M Grubesic, host of Offsite Dirt and Connor Dillon, quality management expert for the residential construction industry, delved into the challenges and triumphs of sustainable construction, with energy efficiency taking center stage. As their virtual encounter unfolded, the common thread of parenting experiences and recent joys painted a vivid picture of the dynamic duo's lives.

The anticipation of an upcoming discussion with Mark Wille on transparency in energy rating processes for homes fueled their excitement, setting the stage for a momentous exploration of industry best practices. They emphasized the vital role of transparent communication within the construction industry to ensure effective energy ratings for homes.

Connor's wisdom shone through as he underscored the importance of integrated software tools for streamlined inspections and data collection, elevating the efficiency of the certification process.

Strategies to support teams aiming for Energy Star or DOE, Zero Energy Ready Homes certification were unveiled, with a shared conviction in educating contractors involved in these transformative projects.

The conversation delved into the intricacies of energy-efficient construction, unearthing the challenges and requirements that come hand in hand. Connor passionately stressed the significance of communication, documentation, and adherence to program requirements for success.

Connor Dillon

Quality Manager, Building Science Institute

Office: (830) 308-8505

Cell: (423) 838-5171


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