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Urban Machine - WINNER!

As we take #greenstepsforward we can see all the work that has come before us and all of the possibilities that are in front of us. The existing building stock is filled with incredible timber of various sizes. This robotic innovation is a path to harvest this incredible material to be used once again by the marketplace.

Our PHriends at Urban Machine, CEO, Eric Law and Jorie Wisnefski, Marketing Manager attended the 16th annual SXSW Pitch Conference in Austin, TX. They were part of the 2023 group of Finalists.

This conference features 40 interactive technology companies in eight categories from Artificial Intelligence, Voice, & Robotics; Enterprise & Smart Data; Entertainment, Media & Content; Food, Nutrition, & Health; Future of Work; Innovative World Technologies; Metaverse & Web3; and Smart Cities, and Transportation & Sustainability.

The Smart Cities, Transportation, and Sustainability category you will find Urban Machine TEAM Eric Law and Jorie Wisnefski. A live audience gathered together to listen to the presentations along with a panel of expert judges. Many discussed and reviewed emerging technologies from amazing talents from all over the world. This conference discovers new ideas and how they can change the world. Urban Machine is one the proud winners of the SXSW Pitch conference. Congrats on your pitch and vision to change the world one piece of wood at a time.

Here is the link to their website: Here is the link to the PITCH: SXSW PITCH 2023 Finalist ~ Urban Machine

Offsite Dirt will feature Urban Machine's story on April 10, 2023. Eric and Jorie tell their story of reclaimed wood along with a unique approach to saving the timber to be reused at another time. Their machine system is portable and expanding into current job work sites.

OffSiteDirt was not able to attend this incredible event, but if YOU are... please take pictures and send us your story. #greenstepsforward for our community with collaboration and sharing ~ Mark Wille


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