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Using AI Technology to Estimate Your Next Construction Project

Like most industries, digitization has been the driving force behind progressive improvements, and the construction industry is not immune to change. With SaaS platforms offering all industries the opportunity to provide efficient, intuitive solutions for their customers, speeding up the sales process whilst ensuring accuracy, the construction tech platform canibuild, of which I am the founder, is building a credible name for themselves in the residential construction industry throughout the United States.

Canibuild uses AI technology to check local planning regulations to assist in accurate and instant compliance checks, providing contractors the ability to provide estimates with confidence and speed in a way that has never been done before. The platform is currently supporting approximately 4,000 sitings per day, a volume of work that ordinarily would take hundreds of construction companies thousands of hours to fulfil for their potential customers. canibuild platform provides a solution for builders that traditionally take contractors many weeks and hundreds of dollars to obtain. These elements include site specific information such as property details – county location/size of parcel, owners name, zoning, boundary lines, typography/contour lines, all visible client facing and with the latest high resolution imagery.

In a pre-COVID world, the amount of initial outlay required to formalize an estimate was tremendous and required time, resources, energy and cost from both the homeowner and the contractor, all without any guarantee that the quote will proceed to a sale. The time, intricacies and utilization of draftsman, architects, surveyors, council all add up, and unfortunately often leave the homeowner in limbo, for weeks, waiting to hear back from the contractor, who is also waiting for this information to come through.

As a contractor myself, I experienced these frustrations and knew that if I wanted to succeed in the construction game, I had to find an efficient and affordable method to consolidate this sales process, which in turn transpired into better customer service and higher financial returns

While canibuild had been in development for over 5 years, the launch was in early 2020, at around the same time the world as we knew it changed. Lock downs, isolation and business closures were, and in some cases, continue to be, a challenge that the construction industry faced and had to somehow overcome. The question on the minds of contractors was how to do this overnight? Business and sales must continue, the question was how to get the customer buying what your building, without physically meeting them on site, or waiting for surveyors, architects, and all other parties involved to get you the much-needed information?

Canibuild is a platform used by many residential construction companies, regardless of whether they are small, medium or large and is rapidly becoming a platform that is incorporated and relied upon within their sales process. canibuild has been embraced by many companies who acknowledge technology will play a fundamental role in their sales process and bottom line. We have some amazing companies within the manufactured Homes, ADU and pool space such as SnapADU, EL Dorado Homes, ADU Geeks, Abodu, HomeQuest, Trinity Homes, Backyard Estates, just to name a few.

I recently spoke with a customer Whitney Hill, the co-founder of SnapADU, a design build construction firm based in San Diego, CA that exclusively builds accessory dwelling units (ADUs) who said that they adopted canibuild in late 2020 and it ‘immediately became integral to our selling & feasibility review process. In the first call with their clients, they were able to get them answers on what they can build based on local ADU zoning rules. They are also able to quickly agree on the placement of the ADU - without an in-person site visit - so that they can move forward with the project. It has supported their growth by enabling them to handle infill development more like a production builder.’ We are thrilled with the partnership and results.

Our product specialists and experienced sales team spans across California, Florida and Texas are ready to answer any questions on how canibuild can be implemented into your sales processes, removing the need to “kick the dirt on site”, be able to site, assess and produce a legitimate and thorough estimate in minutes as opposed to days /weeks.

canibuild has been developed with simplicity in mind. Our team can onboard all new subscribers in days, helping you sell more of what you build so you can supercharge your sales using canibuild quickly. We all know construction is a numbers game, the more estimates you do, the more sales you’ll make. With canibuild, you can see more clients than ever before, as you can site your plans, check building regulations, the typography of a site, the properties lines and details within seconds, allowing you to estimate with confidence from the comfort of your office or home.

Here’s how canibuild can make your job as a contractor easier:

  1. Search any parcel of land in the USA with site details listed

  2. Site your own floorplans in a professional manner

  3. Check local planning regulations to confirm compliance of build

  4. Download site plans for free with a click of a button

  5. Turn weeks of work, into seconds

The conversions speak for themselves, Megan Reakes of Narellan Pools who told me that she and her team ‘truly love canibuild. The efficiency and professionalism it has given to our business has increased their conversion rate to over 12% in less than 12 months. It has given invaluable time back to their life that they otherwise spent travelling hundreds of miles to site inspections. In a digital contactless world of today, they can’t operate their business without it’.

Guest Author

Timothy Cocaro possesses the unlikely mix of being both a builder by trade and a holder of a

computer science degree.Timothy's tenure as Founder and CEO of Australia’s leading Granny Flat company, provided the necessary insight to see and, more importantly, understand the pain points of the construction industry. This led Timothy to put his degree in computer science to use by creating a modern solution, that genuinely aligns with the needs of the construction industry.

In 2019, Timothy hung up his hard hat when he became Founder and CEO of canibuild, a world-first, hypergrowth Prop Tech that is transforming the construction landscape.

canibuild was developed to be the solution to the many root problems in the construction industry with its AI engine allowing home, pool, granny flat & other builders to instantly check site feasibility, site costs, generate site plans & produce quotes with just a click.

canibuild has gained unprecedented traction across the construction industry since its inception, with thousands of searches on the platform every day. canibuild has re-energised the industry by providing its subscribers the ability to be hyper-efficient at a time when the market is booming.

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