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Wesco EVP Squires Shares Insights on Modular Construction Industry

OffSite Dirt features biweekly guests to share their insights on what's happening in the modular construction world. Host Audree Grubesic is a trusted expert and owner of Modular Sure Site. Nelson Squires, Executive Vice President and General Manager – Electrical & Electronic Solutions, and Kent Anderson, Business Development Manager are key players at Wesco.

They discuss Wesco's extensive supply chain capabilities and expertise to support the offsite construction industry. Nelson and Kent speak to challenges that OEMs are facing today and how Wesco’s portfolio of products and services help address these challenges. Nelson also provides an overview of how Wesco delivers value to this growing market.

The biggest key to success in construction is "Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration." - Kent Anderson.

Wesco helps set the standards in the modular construction industry. Nelson has helped set the company on a great strategic path.

With specialists in the Manufactured Structures marketplace, Wesco and its nationwide branch network aims to meet the distribution demands of the modular and assembled building industry. WESCO is a distributor for leading brands supporting the housing and commercial modular OEMs.

Their distribution goes beyond products. They also provide solutions that target the inventory management, e-business and technical support requirements for the job site, including:

  • eCommerce

  • SupplyRun

  • Production Support

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • VMI

  • Product and Architectural Specification Assistance

  • MRO Provision

  • Import Sourcing Expertise and Capabilities

  • Project Management/SCO

  • Custom Inventory Solutions

OffSite Dirt understands the expansion and growth potential for offsite construction space and recognizes partnerships with companies like Wesco. They help expand the efficiency and footprint of this industry.

Offsite Dirt has a two-pronged mission: to inform the construction industry and the general public on the intricacies of what’s currently happening in the fast-growing offsite construction field, and to provide a meeting place for offsite construction professionals where information, opinions and resources can be freely exchanged. While we will frequently highlight specific players in this industry, Offsite Dirt encourages the discussion and exploration of all offsite construction companies, products and techniques in general. We are committed to finding the best way forward for our industry, and the world, as a whole. https://www.offsitedirt.com


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