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What is a Thermal Break and why is it so important? T-STUD explains this innovative product.

Mark Wille and Audree Grubesic investigate new innovative products. "The Dirt", sustainable and building science series talks about products that are making improvements to construction.

The better way to live and build is here. The T-STUD, is a product that creates a thermal break, that makes a difference in operation carbon, operational energy to save on costs. This savings can happen by changing the build of the shell of the project. The "T" in TSTUD means THERMAL. The 2x4 walls started in building and then increased to a 2x6 wall system to help with insulation and help with comfort at home. So then comes along the 2x8 wall that's also comprised of the 2x4 wall. So with this system you are adding a 2 1/4 thermal break area inside the wall to assist with insulation. This solution creates more performance for the trades after this wall system is designed. This vertical wall studs allows mechanicals to get in easier, no drilling and no coring into the wall system. This invention is changing the way we build and live comfortably in our homes but more importantly, saving energy which means lower electric bills.

The adoption of offsite construction in projects requires a complete overhaul of the business models and structures of much of the traditional construction industry. Old job types and firms will die out completely, while new ones will form and flourish.

This is a pivotal moment in the history of the construction industry, where what happens in the next 5-10 years will set the stage for the rest of its future. Many recognize the unique potential this situation holds and are rushing to create the products, systems, and companies that will win and become the new standard “way things are done.”

The sudden influx of people and companies attempting to “prove themselves” in this space is the perfect prerequisite for the launch of a media and event platform. People are hungry to get the word out on what they do and how they do it, and to learn about other potential collaborators and/or competition.

Offsite Dirt will be the place where that happens.

Head to to see the full interview LIVE on Tues July 12 at 5:00pm EST


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