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What is happening with the Missing Middle? Troy Thiel explains

We are talking about modular building and the benefits of this form of construction. We need to help the missing middle find new housing. Troy is a real estate professional and CEO of the Thiel Team, Real Estate Sales and Consulting, with First Weber West Towne. He believes home ownership and the American dream is the real thing, prefab modular is the answer and it works. There is great quality control with onsite factory inspections, and is a better building process. He believes we need more technology building at an obtainable price in order to help those purchase their first home. It is time to start thinking about an offsite solution more than ever.

Troy Thiel, CEO of the Thiel TeamReal Estate Sales and Consulting

First Weber West TowneMadison, WI Call or text me at (608) 514-6488 #offsiteconstruction#modularhomes#offsitedirt#realestate#missingmiddle#changingconstruction#americandream#owningahome #americandream #rejournal


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