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What's a Spohn Home?

Bill & Marilyn Spohn built a high-performance modular home just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Comfort, superb Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and a healthy living space were their leading goals.

In this episode of Building Better with Karen, via Offsite Dirt, Bill shares their experience of creating their "forever home" affectionately known as SunnyField. Many design elements resemble those used in a Passive House, and SunnyField is close to NetZero with onsite solar PV. Bill shares highlights of the journey - from finding a design team and local builder who understood how to meet their performance expectations, to working with a modular factory to execute the details, and now their ongoing data collection to evaluate the home's performance.

As an HVAC measurement and building performance expert, Bill was able to leverage his industry partnerships to incorporate advanced technologies into the home's features. He provides an overview of these systems, as well as the tools he is using for ongoing monitoring.

We wrap up our interview with a sneak peek into an exciting startup on the horizon, introducing a technology solution for contractors to provide better customer service related to electrification and overall better home performance features. I recommend listing their blog: #buildingbetterwithkaren #offsitedirt #spohnhome #highperformance #offsiteconstruction

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