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Alpen Windows are the Leader in Thin Glass in Architectural Applications

Alpen High Performance Products (Alpen HPP) manufactures the most innovative, super-insulating and thermally efficient windows, doors and glass in the world. Since the companies’ inception in the 1980’s to the proud moment of re-glazing the Empire State Building, Alpen has focused on rigorously testing and perfecting both residential and commercial windows, plus architectural glass.

For four decades, Alpen has been the world leader in lightweight, high-performance glazing, superior comfort, durability and resilience. (Before it was cool) Alpen was the first to ever use Thin Glass in architectural applications. The first to offer a NFRC R-10 window plus the first dual certified PHI and PHIU window in North America. As a trailblazer of lightweight, suspended-film technology, Alpen’s thermal performance and innovation, literally continues to shatter the world of poor performing windows. Pure architectural customization with unique colors and the first custom shaped fiberglass window ever, means that Alpen gives customers total freedom to design how they like. Alpen’s signature environmentally tuned glazing also offers the best in winter warmth, summer sun blocking, maximum daylight, and pristine glass clarity.

Alpen was the first ever to use ThinGlass in architectural applications, and for a good reason: An exceptionally low carbon footprint. ThinGlass, which is 6x lighter than traditional 1/8” glass, has a 6x lower carbon footprint. Our fiberglass frames are made from silica aka “sand”, one of the most abundant natural resources on the plant. Our uPVC frames are recyclable up to 10x, and with the potential for a 35-year lifespan, that is essentially a 350-year lifestyle of a single high-performance window. Remarkable!

Alpen is extremely transparent into ALL the materials that go into manufacturing our windows, which is why Alpen was the first to be Living Building Challenge Certified (US Window Products). Our water-based coatings were precisely selected because not only are they durable and beautiful, but most importantly, these coatings don’t off-gas.

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