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ATD Electrifies Fleet: A Charge Toward a Greener Future

American Tire Distributor (ATD) is not just rolling down the road; it's steering toward a greener future. As part of their robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy, ATD is taking significant steps to reduce its carbon footprint and make a positive impact on communities, the environment, and the global economy. At the forefront of this initiative is a bold move to electrify their 1,500-vehicle fleet—a transformation that has Wesco Energy Solutions in the driver's seat.

Challenges: Unveiling the Road Ahead

ATD faced the monumental task of converting its extensive fleet to Electric Vehicles (EVs), aiming not only for a year-over-year reduction in greenhouse gas emissions but also a net positive impact on their served communities. The challenges were clear, but so were the opportunities.

Solution: Wesco Powers the Transition

With a proven track record and a longstanding partnership with ATD, Wesco stepped up to the challenge. The project kicked off at a single location, laying the groundwork for future expansions. The two-step process involved preparing the building and seamlessly

transitioning the fleet to EVs.

Wesco played a pivotal role, providing comprehensive support from design and product procurement to electrical infrastructure installation and commissioning. The project featured four dual-head level 2 chargers, resulting in eight charging ports strategically placed to optimize convenience.

Wesco: Your EV Solutions Provider

As a leading EV solutions provider, Wesco leveraged partnerships with industry leaders in charging units, breakers, wire, conduit, and wiring devices. Specializing in Level 2 and 3 charging stations with complete balance of systems (BOS) solutions, Wesco's team of experts eliminated the complexities from the EV project, guiding ATD from initiation to installation and commissioning.

Building a Greener Future, One Charge at a Time

The building's ongoing major refresh made electrical access more straightforward. This installation serves as a foundational step in ATD's overarching plan to minimize its carbon footprint and provide EV charging options for its employees and customers. The success of this initial installation has positioned Wesco as a key sustainability thought leader and partner for ATD.

Results: Charging Ahead with Success

The corporate rollout of EV chargers at ATD's renovated headquarters has been met with enthusiasm. This installation not only aligns with ATD's commitment to sustainability but also sets the stage for broader electrification discussions across their North American properties. The journey doesn't end here; Wesco remains committed to working hand-in-hand with ATD, supporting them in realizing their EV goals and achieving their broader ESG objectives.

In conclusion, ATD's journey toward electrification is a testament to the transformative power of sustainable initiatives. As they charge toward a greener future, their partnership with Wesco highlights the vital role that collaboration plays in steering the automotive industry toward environmentally conscious practices.

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