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Colorado Governor Polis Addressed Housing Affordability and Strategies to Reduce Costs

Colorado Governor Polis shared his vision for providing affordable housing options near job centers and transit, bolstering Colorado's economy, and fortifying the state's workforce during his visit to Grand Junction.

Starting the day, Governor Polis engaged in a Circular Economy Roundtable Discussion with the Business Incubator Center, focusing on sustainable practices to sustain Colorado's thriving economy.

"Colorado boasts one of the nation's strongest economies, and Grand Junction and the Western Slope play a crucial role in our state's prosperity. Today's discussions centered on innovative approaches to reduce housing expenses, generate more well-paying jobs, and support small businesses. Together, we can achieve these goals," remarked Governor Polis.

Subsequently, Governor Polis addressed the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, reiterating his vision for affordable housing near employment hubs and transportation options. He also emphasized efforts to enhance safety, strengthen the workforce, and provide students with the tools for lucrative careers.

"As Colorado approaches its 150th anniversary in just two years, it's imperative that we collaborate to ensure our state remains a premier destination for living, raising families, and starting businesses. Housing and transit consistently emerge as primary concerns across the state, underscoring their significance as top priorities as we approach this milestone," Governor Polis emphasized.

Later in the day, Governor Polis visited Låda Cube, a Grand Junction manufacturer specializing in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), popular housing solutions supported by 78% of Coloradans. Housing affordability remains a pressing issue, with 87% of residents citing the lack of affordable options. Governor Polis remains committed to overcoming obstacles and expanding affordable housing opportunities near job centers and transit nodes.

"Låda Cube's innovative ADUs are instrumental in addressing Colorado's housing shortages. These housing units offer an effective solution to the affordability crisis. I commend the innovative efforts of Låda Cube and advocate for streamlined processes to facilitate ADU construction," Governor Polis commended.

"It was an honor for Låda Cube to host Governor Polis at our assembly facility in Grand Junction, Colorado. We appreciate the vision and focus that the governor and his staff have for solving for housing affordability and closing the disparities that exist with housing opportunities for all income levels of Colorado residents. The world is on notice for the generational pivot towards new 21st century building products that will fundamentally transform the conversation of housing, loans, sustainability, and freedom for all to build," said John Fay, owner of Lada Cube.

Before concluding his visit, Governor Polis joined Breeze Airways in announcing new direct service from Grand Junction Regional Airport to Orange County - Santa Ana, California. This expansion underscores the state's connectivity and opens avenues for tourism and business growth.

"The introduction of new direct flights from Grand Junction to Orange County and soon San Francisco offers Coloradans affordable travel options and visitors new ways to explore Colorado's iconic Western Slope. I am enthusiastic about this expansion and anticipate its positive impact on Grand Junction's economy. I pledge continued support for expanding air services to Grand Junction," Governor Polis expressed his enthusiasm.


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