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Designed to Build is looking to open the doors of a new manufacturing facility

Kemo' A'akhutera is leaning into building his dream of a metal frame container plant. His goal is to help others in Ohio to have an obtainable place to live. This existing manufacturing facility will meet the needs of starting his business including a team of people to design, construction and build out of containers.

Volumetric building is the mission to create many homes throughout the year. Kemo's dream takes an investment, here is a way you can help This fund will go towards a dream, equipment, facility and metal welding specialists.

In the article, The Dayton real estate market: Stats and trends for 2022 by Jeff Rohde

"The real estate market in Dayton and Montgomery County saw a “record shattering year” in 2021, according to one local news report. In fact, the number of home sales at the end of last year were four times higher than sales in 2011. Prices are very affordable, cash flow from single-family rental property is strong, and the real estate market favors buyers."

The Dayton, Ohio market is in need of new housing especially on existing tear-down lots to create more density at an affordable price point. We will see how Kemo' factory is able to meet those in need, one home at a time with your help.


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