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E-commerce Platform and the AI Revolution for New Home Sales on Leanify Construction Series

By: Sneha Kumari

"I am highly delighted to host this show in association with OSD. And my fourth guest today is Sara Williams from Anewgo, NAHB Gold award winner" exclaims Sneha Kumari of the Leanify Construction Series. For almost 20 years, Sara has been working in the new home industry in sales, marketing, and leadership for builders and tech companies, and has had a hand in growing each company she has worked for by putting strategic sales and marketing processes and technology in place. Sara has had the fortune to work with thousands of home shoppers/buyers and train and mentor sales, marketing, and executive teams of all sizes. Her own work on sales teams gained her national recognition from the National Association of Home Builders Sales and Marketing Council when she won the first Gold award in 2013 for Online Sales.

Sara Williams from Anewgo

In her current role as Director of Sales at Anewgo, Sara has had the opportunity to help with rebranding initiatives, building industry relationships, marketing, product development, product launches, sales, advisory boards, training, and business consulting with Anewgo builder partners. Sara and her team at Anewgo have been industry trailblazers and disruptors for selling new homes online via e-commerce platforms and the AI revolution for new home sales and marketing. Sara lives in Charleston, SC with her husband of 16 years and her three children.

In our discussion, we talked about Anewgo and get journey in construction. Anewgo is a dynamic visualization and technology company that can bring a pile of dirt to life. Her journey has been fascinating from dreaming to be an architect to drifting away from construction to finally being back in this ever-changing field and leading this space. We discuss the "why" behind nurturing the "B" and "C" clients and how to go about doing it, especially in this era of social media and channels. For those with a growth mindset, this strategy is a must consider. Demonstrating the value of this approach to the sales team and harnessing technology's power will prove pivotal.

Two takeaways for our audience is:

1) Have an open mind and understand your buyer's journey. Invest in improving that experience.

2) Embrace CHANGE!

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