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Embracing Innovation: Transforming the Construction Industry

Chip Parsley, Director of Prefabrication Solutions is a passionate storyteller in the world of construction. Chip, who worked for Poynter Prefab Solutions, found his calling in modular construction during the challenging times of the pandemic. Through his dedication and pursuit of knowledge, Chip became a leading expert in the field, contributing to remarkable projects that revolutionized the industry. Audree Grubesic, host of Offsite Dirt meets Chip and shares his journey and the transformative power of modular construction.

Chip Parsley

A Journey of Knowledge and Expertise:

In 2020, when the construction markets faced downturns due to the pandemic, Chip and his boss at Poynter Prefab Solutions identified an opportunity in modular construction. Chip took the initiative to enroll in Stone Pile College, where he pursued a master's degree in modular construction. Over 20 months, Chip acquired comprehensive knowledge and skills, extending beyond his expertise in HVAC and ductwork. Armed with his associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees, Chip was ready to embrace new challenges.

Unexpected Opportunities and Success:

As Chip dived deeper into modular construction, unexpected opportunities arose. A company approached Chip and his team to construct bathroom modules, which turned out to be a resounding success. This triumph led to further requests, including the construction of lab spaces. Chip realized that modular construction was ideal for labs due to their need for speed, precision, and revenue generation capabilities.

The Turning Point:

During Chip's journey, he had a fortuitous encounter with Vincent, the head of construction engineering at Good Samaritan Hospital. This meeting proved to be a turning point for Chip's career. Vincent attended one of Chip's presentations at Purdue University, showing keen interest in modular construction. Months later, Vincent's engineer reached out to Chip to explore the possibility of utilizing prefabrication for an innovative project at the hospital. They envisioned a modular penthouse on the hospital's rooftop, housing essential HVAC equipment.

Collaboration and Design Excellence:

Filled with excitement, Chip and Vincent collaborated on designing and pricing the modular penthouse. The primary goal was to improve maintenance efficiency and streamline the installation process. By constructing the penthouse off-site, they ensured seamless integration of all equipment and piping, eliminating leaks and reducing downtime. Open communication with the client allowed for customization based on their preferences, resulting in better accessibility for maintenance purposes.

Efficiency in Action:

With the modular penthouse nearing completion in the shop, the Poynter Prefab Solutions team prepared for its delivery and installation at Good Samaritan Hospital. Timing was critical as they had a limited 15-day window to shut down the operating rooms for the installation process. By pre-constructing and thoroughly testing the components.

Chip Parsley

Director of Prefabrication Solutions

Poynter Prefab Solutions

O: 317.893.1193

C: 317.941.3305


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