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Modular Factory Owners Tell All

Offsite Dirt bring together the top industry experts in modular construction and modular factory opportunities. Each one of these CEO's tell us how modular is making an impact on building single family and multifamily projects. Developers and Builders are seeking them out to increase production. Learn what makes each one of them different in the offsite construction industry.

Charlie Chupp | Chief Executive Officer, Fading West Development

Antony Kountouris | Chief Executive Officer, BMarko Structures

Michael Heitsman | President of Development, Best GEN

For our conversation with the leadership of four different modular factories, we'll be asking the following questions:

1. Why were you interested in building your own factory?

2. What trends do you see in manufacturing, design, and plant processes for modular construction?

3. How is your factory working towards sustainability in your builds and building practices?

4. Is it possible to have single-family and commercial projects in the same building?

5. How do you feel construction is going to evolve for the site work, set & stitch, and general contractor roles?


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