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Here is the DIRT for February

Our monthly experts convened for a team catch-up where members shared recent experiences and discussed their upcoming event schedules. They explored new initiatives and plans for upcoming events, such as training sessions and the IBS event. Shaun St-Amour provided insights into the industry's upcoming events, including the Vancouver Spring Home and Garden Show, Build X, and the International Builder Show, emphasizing the focus on embodied carbon and deconstruction. The discussion also delved into the significance of Advancing Prefabrication in construction, with a spotlight on an upcoming conference in Denver offering insights into modular construction and industrialized construction trends.

Additionally, the team shared updates on their respective projects and upcoming plans.

Edie from B.PUBLIC PREFAB celebrated their five-year anniversary this month, inviting attendance at their event in Las Vegas, the International Builder's Show with free tickets and swag. FREE TICKETS TO IBS

Audree expressed gratitude for the support received and discussed her upcoming speaking engagement at the World of Modular event in Orlando, Florida, highlighting the impact of collaboration and digital media in the offsite construction industry. The conversation buzzed with a sense of celebration, gratitude, and anticipation for future collaborations and events.

The crew underscored the importance of education and collaboration in the building industry, both in-person and online. Joe Konopacki of Insight Properties, shared insights into his company's expansion into classes and education, highlighting their success in training other contractors and fostering a collaborative network dedicated to improving building performance and addressing comfort and moisture control issues.

Make sure to check out the dirt on our events page for the latest and greatest industry conferences and seminars.


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