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How Passive House Design is a Natural Companion to Offsite Construction

Audree Grubesic,founder of Modular Suresite and Host of Offsite Dirt chats with Mark Wille an advocate for passive house design and expert in off site construction.

The beauty of Passive House Design is that it is better for the earth and less carbon footprint, but most importantly, it is built on processes.

The processes are built on the layers that make up a six-sided box or building. Each step of the passive house design has processes that examine each layer for "livability", energy-consumption, natural environmental factors needed for living, air quality and more.

In offsite construction, a factory line is using precision to make sure that each layer is perfectly adjusted to the standards for the design and function of the finished process. The factory takes the onsite human room for error out of the picture. This makes offsite construction more affordable, less waster and less down time for labor which results in better design and construction.

Precision factory design is key to offsite construction.


Mark Wille is the Director of Building Experiences for US Engineered Wood Tstud™ who designs and manufactures Thermally Broken Structural Framing of various measurements. With a background in Custom fabrication for mobile and modified structures; his track record with Design/General Contracting is well known and has achieved many construction firsts. He is the remaining founder of BuildSmartChicago which has evolved from Green to an Off-Site Ministry with education focused on Passive House and Building Science Consulting Teams. The skills of Mark and Wille WOOD Work propelled into Self-Perform projects of existing buildings and development. He is active in the building science community and has retrofitted several residences of varying certifications. New construction, existing building rehabs, product procurement, high-performance assembly solutions, project management, estimating, Pre-Fabs, modified containers, PopUps, and Mobile Architecture are some of the many hats he wears when not welding or being a carpenter.


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