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Intelligent City's Inaugural Passive House Panel Project

We're excited to share Intelligent City's latest manufacturing operations project. It officially commenced at their factory in Delta, British Columbia in Canada, this February! This achievement marks the culmination of years of dedicated effort, encompassing the development of their technology, rigorous testing, and obtaining certifications. They are immensely proud to have reached this significant milestone.

Now, they are gearing up for expansion with additional projects. With their building systems certified and the production facility primed for nationwide deliveries, they are ready and poised for growth. Their immediate focus is on producing mass timber Passive House panels for their inaugural housing project: the BC Indigenous Housing Society Iconic Khupkhahpay’ay Building in East Vancouver. This project not only underscores their commitment to efficient building systems but also underscores the transformative potential of innovation and collaboration.

"The delivery of our inaugural project not only marks a pivotal moment in Intelligent City's journey but symbolizes a significant step towards reshaping urban housing with sustainable, efficient, and innovative solutions." - Oliver Lang, CEO of Intelligent City.

The image below captures the commencement of construction on the Khupkhahpay’ay Building, showcasing the initial phases of development as the structure takes form. The second image features the first panel manufactured at Intelligent City's Delta, BC factory for this project. Lastly, the third image offers a rendered visualization of the completed building, providing a glimpse into its envisioned final appearance. A heartfelt thanks to the project teams at GBL Architects and Ventana Construction Corporation for their invaluable contributions to this project.

"We are excited to see years of development and certification efforts finally come to fruition with this project. The industrialization of housing is a long journey, and we are proud to have taken the first steps." - OD Krieg, CTO of Intelligent City.

We're thrilled that they anticipate several new projects this year, using their complete mass timber structural and envelope system. There's always an air of excitement when Mass Timber is meticulously designed and implemented. The impact extends beyond the striking exterior to create a sense of comfort within the structure. Congratulations on your successful first project, and we eagerly anticipate your continued growth and success.


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