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January, 2024 Updates from the Crew at Offsite Dirt

The our Offsite Dirt experts shared the dirt on various aspects within the construction industry, spanning potential collaborations, upcoming events, and updates on local construction projects. Audree Grubesic, Joe Konopacki, Karen Benner, Sy Safi and Shaun St Amour expressed keen interest in fostering cross-industry collaboration and leveraging off-site construction techniques to enhance efficiency and performance. The discussion delved into the challenges associated with implementing energy-efficient improvements, emphasizing the need for guidance in navigating these changes.

Notably, the crew underscored the significance of consumer education and realtor involvement in advocating for off-site construction and high-performance homes. The benefits of operating within a factory environment for construction, such as improved working conditions and enhanced career prospects, were also explored. The meeting culminated in an in-depth conversation about the advantages of incorporating insulation and air sealing in buildings, with a specific focus on their relevance in track homes.

In summary, this January 2024 LinkedIn Live illuminated collaborative opportunities and potential future projects among participants, highlighting their dedication to promoting high-performance building standards and advancing energy efficiency in the construction industry.


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