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Modular Partnerships Grow

Interior firm Alshaya Enterprises expands with partnership with Latvia based Forta PRO.

Work has been initiated, although currently in the permit issuance and design stages, by Forta PRO and Alshaya Enterprises for two hospitality projects in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Due to the cost savings of about 10-% and half the time spent to complete these types of projects, modular is now the preferred choice. While COVID 19 has delayed many construction projects, off-site modular construction is getting more opportunities during this time.

FortaPRO is well-known for it's building in hospitality space with projects like the POST Hotel Gothenburg. Forta PRO team designed, produced, and quickly installed 40 new modular hotel rooms without limiting the ongoing hotel operations and avoiding road closure.

Alshaya Enterprises is an award-winning interiors company, offering complete solutions for all project scopes and industry sectors. Alshaya Enterprises specializes in supplying the world's best commercial products to a wide range of industries as well as providing stylish, quality finishes and furnishings for offices and households.


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