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Passionate and Innovative World of Construction Business

Meet Mel Baiser, Co-Founder of HELM Construction Solutions, who shares the rich heritage of being part of a Vermont-based French Canadian family of builders spanning generations. Their journey in construction was driven by a deep love for the craft, finding fulfillment in achieving goals and applying their carpentry skills. In San Francisco, they pursued further education in project management and estimating, pivotal in shaping the foundation of their thriving business today.

Joining Mel is Kate Stephenson, also a Co-founder of Helm Construction Solutions, who embarked on this venture alongside Mel in 2016. With a family background deeply rooted in the trades, both Mel and Kate share a profound passion for the industry. HELM aims to collaborate with contractors, design-builders, and architects to enhance their internal processes and business resilience. With a dedicated team of 24 including independent coaches, their focus lies in the residential and small commercial sector, emphasizing sustainable development, indoor quality, energy efficiency, and addressing climate change concerns.

They partner with companies to assess various aspects such as strategic planning and ownership transitions, financial management, hiring and training, community engagement, networking, and overall production output. Comprising business consultants, professional coaches, project managers, and estimators, HELM utilizes innovative methods to evaluate construction companies already at the forefront of the industry. They seek out businesses looking to make an impact and eager to engaged with their communities.

Their ultimate goal is to cultivate resilient businesses that thrive and bring leadership to our changing industry. Central to their approach is a value of non-judgment, recognizing that many of their clients stumbled into the trades out of passion and may lack formal business training. HELM aims to bridge this gap by offering support and guidance to enhance company structures and management practices.

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