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Prefab CONNECT Jan 26-29

Prefab CONNECT (January 26-29) is your opportunity to get critical, urgent market updates, discuss the roadmap for offsite construction in different market segments, and understand what it takes to facilitate even more offsite construction with your teams, all from the comfort of your home or office.

Bought to you by the hosts of North America’s premier offsite event, Advancing Prefabrication, this program offers any owner, design firm, or contractor looking to scale up their offsite construction program in 2021 the insights and networking opportunities you need, to set your team on the path to success next year, however much prior experience you have.

This is your chance to:

  • Re-evaluate the opportunities for offsite construction across your portfolio with cutting-edge innovations developed in the Age of a Pandemic

  • Be the first to hear evolving global trends, guidance, and regulations to support wide-spread industrialization

  • Become a facilitator of more ambitious prefabrication and modularization with the acceptance and commitment of your entire project team to maximize quality, safety, and speed

Across four days of learning, networking, and sharing of best practices, this virtual experience will facilitate urgent need-to-know education and networking with hundreds of owners, designers, and project leaders in an open and honest forum. Join us this January to take stock of the global offsite revolution and transfer critical lessons learned into your 2021 strategy.


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