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Revolutionizing Offsite Construction: An Interview with Brian Nickel of Allied - Build It Better

In this enlightening conversation with Brian Nickel, the founder of Allied, Build It Better, Audree Grubesic, host of OffSite Dirt, delves into the world of offsite construction and the transformative power of technology. Brian shares his journey, the inspiration behind his software, and the impact it has had on the construction industry. From reducing waste to increasing productivity, his innovative approach is shaping the future of building.

Join us as we explore the fascinating intersection of construction, technology, and sustainability.

Key Points:

  1. The Birth of Allied, Build It Better: Brian recounts his experience working in the plumbing and heating industry and how the challenges of travel time and labor shortage led to the creation of Allied, Build It Better. The company specializes in digitally mapping Revit models to machinery, enabling efficient and precise offsite construction.

  2. The Role of Building Information Modeling (BIM): BIM is gaining prominence in the offsite construction sector, with more companies adopting higher levels of detail and development in their models. This facilitates the translation of information into machinery, driving automation and increasing efficiency in the construction process.

  3. Tackling Waste in Traditional Builds: Brian highlights the staggering statistic of approximately 40% of materials going to waste in traditional construction. He shares his observations of piles of garbage in front of new high-end homes and emphasizes the need for smarter and more sustainable approaches. Through the use of machines and intelligent systems, waste can be reduced to less than 1%, leading to significant cost savings.

  4. Allied BIM Software's Impact: Clients using Allied BIM software have experienced up to an eight fold increase in productivity, with labor requirements significantly reduced. By connecting Revit models to machinery, assembly drawings can be multiplied, optimizing material yield and streamlining fabrication processes. The software also simplifies label generation, eliminating the need for manual data configuration and enabling intelligent tracking and reporting.

  5. Future Vision and Sustainability: Brian shares Allied, Build It Better's ambitious 2030 Vision, envisioning a national network of fabrication shops connected through their platform. Similar to Amazon's distribution centers, these shops would enable the efficient production and delivery of construction materials, fostering collaboration and sustainability.

Brian Nickel and Allied, Build It Better are revolutionizing the construction industry through their innovative software and commitment to sustainability. By leveraging technology, reducing waste, and improving efficiency, they are paving the way for a greener and more streamlined future in offsite construction. With their 2030 Vision, Allied Build It Better aims to transform the industry and empower construction professionals with the tools they need to build better.

Brian D. Nickel CEO/Founder at Allied BIM, INC. P:406.595.1669 / 14265 Portnell Rd. / Bozeman, MT 59718


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