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Set & Stitch, An Integrated Aspect of the Modular Construction Process

Joshua McShanog, Business Development for T&M Construction speaks with host Audree Grubesic about modular construction. He explains their construction process for set and stitch, along with logistics for volumetric and modular construction projects for multifamily buildings. This process starts at the very beginning of the project. These systems are crucial for the project to be connected together correctly for a fully finished product.

Set and Stitch is one part of modular build and must start planning of set crew, crane and logistics while construction in the factory is taking place. This team is aware of the structural connections that are created by the modular factory and architect, along with crane coordination and team assembly.

For more information:

T&M Construction 4213 N Frazier St Unit C1 Conroe, TX 77303

O:281.900.6023 C: 281.785.6729


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