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ThermaSteel is an Entire Build Application within a Steel Panel

On our Offsite Construction Series with Audree Grubesic, we talk about a steel panel system and the labor savings, thermal performance along with the ease to install this product. We welcome ThermaSteel to our conversation. Adi Ben-Senior is the CEO, and Aaron Gil, Construction Specialist of ThermaSteel both go into greater detail about their panel system and the principles of the thermal envelope.

ThermaSteel has been around for since 1970 and Luther Dickens was the inventor of this product. He was inspired by the Worlds Energy Crisis. He wanted to create a thermal break between the exterior face and interior face wall system. By inventing this product it created less heat loss within the panel system.

ThermaSteel has two parallel frames, the interior and exterior facing are not touching each other and the gap between the panels is filled with insulation. This design is preventing the heat loss and creates energy savings. This panel system is R50 to R60, completely thermal broken, and as Adi says, "these panels are created in a way to complete 5 traits into one panel". This is saving enormous time, plus these panels are very light weight to install without design limitations.

They welcome people to their factory and are happy to walk their clients through their product process. The panels provided by this factory are made for the interior and exterior walls, roof, and floors. They also have a solution for steel frame trusses. Their customers see an average savings of 60% on their labor costs alone.


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