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US Frame Factory: Revolutionizing Cold-Formed Steel Solutions in Construction

Who is US Frame Factory?

Founded in 2021 by brothers Tiago and Mateo Atwi, US Frame Factory (USFF) is a pioneering full-service cold-formed steel solutions company based in Louisiana. Specializing in the design, manufacture, and sale of metal stud and track components, wall panels, and trusses, USFF has quickly established itself as a leader in the industry. Originally focused on cold-formed steel modular construction, the Atwi brothers have since transitioned to light gauge steel framing manufacturing, with aspirations to return to modular construction once they have fortified their engineering and manufacturing operations. Their mission is clear: to enhance the affordability, quality, and speed of construction, particularly in Louisiana, a state often ravaged by floods and hurricanes.

What Kind of Work Do They Do?

US Frame Factory serves a diverse clientele, ranging from individual homeowners to large commercial developers. While their portfolio includes both residential and commercial projects, their recent work has predominantly been in the commercial sector. Noteworthy projects this year include:

  • Loves Gas Station, Missouri

  • Church, Lake Charles, Louisiana

  • Olive Garden, Miami

  • Various Industrial Spaces, Texas and Georgia

  • Tru by Hilton, Jacksonville

  • 150-Unit Multifamily Project, Metairie, Louisiana

The Metairie project, a five-story apartment complex with a concrete podium as the first floor, stands out for its scale and complexity. USFF supplied over one million pounds of steel just for the walls, providing pre-cut materials that significantly reduced labor and construction time on site.

What Differentiates Them from Other Suppliers?

US Frame Factory goes beyond traditional distribution, offering comprehensive support that includes:

  • Market timing for optimal steel deals

  • Optimization of cold-formed steel designs

  • Engineering coordination

  • Detailed shop drawings

  • Truss design

  • Precise material timing and staging

For the Metairie project, USFF's expertise in market timing allowed the owners to purchase steel at the lowest possible prices, maximizing cost efficiency. Additionally, due to limited staging space at the job site, USFF provided on-demand shipping from their New Iberia yard, delivering as little as 10,000 pounds at a time to ensure just-in-time material availability.

How Are They Being Innovative?

Tiago and Mateo Atwi envision a future where the construction supply chain and processes are increasingly data-driven. To facilitate this vision, they have focused on making more products and pricing information accessible online. In April, USFF launched a new e-commerce website (visit it at aimed at helping cold-formed steel and wood framers find essential building components, including screws, hurricane ties, holdowns, angle clips, and other structural products. They also plan to launch the second iteration of their metal stud pricing platform later this year, further streamlining the purchasing process for their customers.

For more information about US Frame Factory and their innovative solutions in cold-formed steel construction, visit their website at

US Frame Factory continues to set new standards in the construction industry with their commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates as they lead the way in transforming construction practices.


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