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Wesco Provided Tailored Assembled Electrical Solution

Wesco is a global supply chain solutions provider with a focus on providing customers with innovative solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs. Recently, Wesco partnered with a national specialty chain to provide an Assembled Electrical Solution that reduced the overall backroom footprint for the retail chain by over 40%, and reduced installation time by 30%.

The challenge facing the specialty chain was to reduce the size of the electrical room while maintaining system integrity. The previous installation used loose panel boards in a main electrical room, an individually mounted time clock to control lighting contractors, and floor-mounted UPS systems. Checkout, network, and other critical receptacles required clean power and a reliable backup source of power. Additionally, HVAC controls were mounted on a separate board along with contractors to complete the system.

To provide an innovative solution that met the client's needs, Wesco's team worked closely with the retail client and their prime design engineer. The team used the Assembled Electrical Solution assembly, along with solenoid-operated smart breakers, as a basic building block. The solution integrated HVAC controllers and UPS systems, eliminating the need for contractors and interposing relays for the lighting control scheme, and dramatically reducing the labor required for installation.

The solution's transformer and UPS (providing clean power as well as system protection) were integrated into the unit, further reducing the footprint. The MDP feeder breakers were factory wired from the breaker load side terminals to the panel main lugs and transformer lugs prior to shipment, further reducing the time and material required onsite for installation. The feeder panel boards were also integrated into the assembly, providing a custom, compact, and cost-effective solution.

The smart breaker/time clock combination allowed for smooth, energy-efficient management of the lighting loads for the store. The solution pre-wired critical components such as the UPS, assuring a smooth startup. The HVAC controls were mounted in the assembly itself, and the time clock function was derived from the system controller, saving valuable wall space.

The Assembled Electrical Solution provided by Wesco reduced the overall backroom footprint for the retail by more than 40% and reduced the overall installation time by 30%. This innovative solution is an example of how Wesco works with its clients to provide custom, cost-effective solutions that meet their unique needs.

Wesco's accomplishment with their vendor is a testament to their commitment to innovation and customer service. By working closely with its clients, Wesco provides tailored solutions that help customers increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve their operations. With their innovative Assembled Electrical Solution, Wesco has once again demonstrated their ability to provide creative solutions that meet their customers' unique needs.


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