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32 U.S. nonprofit organizations are awarded $30 million for "age in place" homeowners

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded $30 million to 32 nonprofit organizations, state and local governments, and public housing authorities to help low-income elderly homeowners “age in place”. Essentially, the Older Adult Homes Modification Program will fund comprehensive initiatives that make safety and functional home modifications for senior homeowners wanting to stay in their homes permanently rather than move to nursing homes or other care giving facilities.

Examples of home modifications include:

  • Installations of grab bars

  • Railings

  • Lever-handle door knobs and faucets

  • Adaptive equipment such as non-slip strips for tub/showers or stairs

In fact, more than 5,000 qualified beneficiaries will receive funding that will not only help America’s elderly stay in their homes and age in place, but maintain the right to choose.

Considering the life changing differences the new programs will have, Jim Palazzo, founder and CEO at Transitions Care, a primary care service that offers end of life care and symptom management, is available to discuss how this development will allow seniors to remain independent and positively impact the caregiving industry.

We asked our experts from our Environmental and Sustainable Human Health and Living Trends program, that aired on August 30th on, how they felt about this news.

Kathleen Hulme a Certified Home Safety Specialist and Care Partner Consultant with

Home Safety and Accessibility Solutions, LLC said, " The reality is that aging is a process that is different and constantly changing for everyone. One size does not fit all when modifying a home for AIP. There are many things to consider... lighting, contrast. color, texture, space needed to allow a caregiver to safely and efficiently provide assistance, etc. We must consider a person's current and probable future needs to help ensure the best ROI when modifying a home. Understanding the natural progression of aging, disease and illness and collaborating with a team of professionals (builders, architects, skilled health professionals) is essential."

"This is great news as the number of senior citizens grows exponentially and the cost of long term care exceeds most budgets. Keeping aging adults in their own home with safety modifications and new technology saves money and lives. Simple, low cost solutions can be implemented into existing homes and lighting improvement retrofits may be done easily.

I believe it is important to consider socialization as we promote aging in place design," according to Margie McNally, Interior Designer, Certified Aging in Place Specialist,

LEED AP, Green AP, NCIDQ, CAPS, IES, ALA Lighting Associate

Interior Elements, WBE

Together we are seeing changes in taking care of our seniors or aging in place individuals. It is exciting that the U.S. government is seeing the same need to care for others and offering money to several non-profit organizations.

ABOUT JIM PALAZZO CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AND FOUNDER Jim has over 30 years of operating experience at multi-million dollar healthcare organizations. He is an award-winning executive with a solid history of success in improving patient services and overall efficiency. Jim acquired and started several healthcare-related companies beginning in 2005. His first was the acquisition and substantial renovation of East Bank Center, which has grown exponentially in terms of revenue as well as health care services. Transitions Hospice was formed in 2007, beginning as a small, Rockford, IL based hospice. Today, Transitions provides a full scope of hospice and palliative services in Northern and Central Illinois, as well as in Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. In addition, Jim has founded multiple healthcare companies that provide an array of healthcare services that work in unison with Transitions Hospice Prior to starting these organizations, Jim graduated from Purdue University and spent the first 15 years of his career with Alden Management Services, a 500 million dollar healthcare organization. In this role, he directed all aspects of operations in 36 facilities, comprising 4,200 beds. ABOUT TRANSITIONS CARE Transitions offers the highest quality of end of life care, symptom management, and primary care services. We specialize in supporting individuals and families who are facing the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual challenges confronted when dealing with terminal and chronic illnesses. Paramount to our philosophy is to ensure that our patient is experiencing their final transition on their own specified terms — in comfort and with dignity. In our care, our main objective is always to maximize patients’ comfort and quality of life. For us, whether it is end of life care, symptom management or primary care – it is always about living. That is why we provide patients with a comprehensive care plan led by a dedicated interdisciplinary team.


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