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Environmental & Sustainable Human Health & Living Trends

Kathleen Hulme with Home Safety and Accessibility Solutions and Margie McNally, with Environmental Interior Design have created solutions for environmental design and safety solutions for individuals with disabilities, independent living, and aging in place. These women are assisting many individuals with how they live in their homes after an accident or having an impairment or just want an improved way to live. As a young adult, Margie had allergies and she did research and created a company around the environmental issues. Kathleen was seeing a need for people having issues living in their homes after working in her role as an Occupational Therapist.

There are many factories that create living issues, like zero entryway homes, grab bars in the bathroom, wider doorways, areas to move easily in a home. Another small area is lighting in the home. This creates an important impact on how we live, sleep and incorporating daylight, controlling it and adding electric light for a person to be safe. There are many solutions with design, an assessment and review of the home can make a big difference. This team is working together to help all individuals and just small updates can make a big difference.

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Mira Bhattacharya
Mira Bhattacharya
30 de ago. de 2022

It's not letting me into the Zoom meeting and it says waiting for host to start meeting.

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