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Custom Craftsman Construction Meets High-Performance Panels

Andrew Bascue, Director of Operations, and Tyler Biecky, Project Manager, from Hammerwell Incorporated recently connected with Edie Dillman of B.Public Prefab's new series, "Take Offs, Moving the Industry Forward." Edie initiated a conversation with several stakeholders about a recent project in Salida, CO. They delved into the details of a custom home designed by Moasic, which incorporated both traditional applications in the basement walk-out and a panelized product from B.Public Prefab on the main floor. The discussion centered around how these individuals in the field utilize high-performance panel applications and their findings regarding installation, community acceptance, and client satisfaction with the new home project.

Audree Grubesic, Founder of Offsite Dirt, was enthusiastic about delving deep into the project, planning, and solutions created with Hammerwell Incorporated. The clients aimed for a legacy home that not only boasted quality construction but also effectively managed outdoor elements for long-term durability.

Edie inquired, "Are you guys seeing a fair amount of panelized homes being built in the area?" Tyler responded that while it's not yet the norm, it's becoming increasingly common in their community of Salida. The panel system often garners attention during installation with cranes, and the rapid timeline for building exterior walls is a notable advantage. Many are intrigued by the system's structure and its perceived superiority, fueling a growing demand for such homes. Their excitement will really propel when they can use this product at a more affordable application so all people can live in a high performance and quality home.


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