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A Brownfield Site Revives a High Performance Multi-Family Development

On this edition of High Performance Build on Offsite Dirt; Mark Wille, Aron Jones, and Shaun St-Amour talk with Sy Safi another high performance project. Sy is a partner with Re:land Group, who are not just developers, but are better described as community builders. They focus on optimizing the performance of homes, buildings and communities for Net Positive Energy, healthy Indoor Air Quality, Resilience and the overall health and wellness of its occupants and communities they serve.

Through place keeping, place making and high performance design they incorporate building programs such as Passive House, Living Building Challenge and the WELL Building Standard into every project. With their latest project in Louisville, Kentucky, Sy and his partners are implementing these solutions to benefit affordable and attainable income levels with the needed community amenities and additional local job opportunities to create home ownership, new businesses and generational wealth. We discussed the groundwork that is underway to remediate the current soil conditions on this 17 acre brownfield site.

Once this important step is completed, the team will finalize the development plans and then construction preparation can commence. We definitely will be following along as the project continues so we can discuss all the win-wins with this Multi-Family Passive House project. Listen, learn, and let us know your comments as well as what you enjoyed about this video.



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