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Adam McKee Inspires The Trade Industry to New Levels of Success at Contemporary Woods Furniture

Adam McKee with Contemporary Woods Furniture takes over a craftsman cabinet business and decided to make it better. He did this by offering more cabinetry, higher-end services and better craftsmanship for their clients to enjoy. Adam made the decision he wanted more for his team. He continued his journey by reading one inspiring book after the other and wanted a business that could run without him. The goal was for this business is to be a self sustaining company and support others to become leaders and coach them up.

Celebrating craftsmanship is the mission and what really inspires Adam to have more success. It's about your type of craft. His journey is called the inspiring craftsman and for those individuals to be recognized.

From Adam's perspective the company is based on quality, teamwork and improvement. "We want to be the buffalo to run toward the problems. It's about greater communication and give the client what they deserve. It's about finding your core values and making a difference. You are at choice and you get to decide to say "yes" to the right client that value the mission and want to move forward." says Adam.

One of his basics to know is surrounding yourself with smarter people. Using coaching for business has expanded and fine tuned things in his company. The biggest area of improvement is teamwork. Several new workers came in because they were impressed by the culture and wanted to work for Contemporary Woods. Weekly one-on-ones with team members are asked, "What was one of your wins this week and how can we celebrate it?"

Adam is not only creating an amazing culture, he is creating a happier workplace, more skilled craftsman and celebrating each week the company improvements. This is a place that is changing the way the trade industry is moving forward. This is how Adam has found his success.


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