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Global BuildTech, Building Offsite in Southeast Asia

Audree Grubesic, host of OffSite Dirt meets Dennis McMahon, Coordinator, GBT Modular Project Services at Global BuildTech Dennis McMahon, from MCM GreenMan Group, discussed the growing prevalence of offsite construction and technology in Southeast Asia, particularly in countries like Indonesia with a large population and a need for affordable housing solutions.

With the development of a new capital city called Nusantara in Indonesia, the need for innovative construction methods and offsite solutions is imperative. Dennis McMahon emphasized the importance of building an ecosystem and involving local communities and businesses in the offsite construction process. The goal is to uplift the local community while also making profits.

His current project in Nusantara aims to construct multi-story buildings, including ten to twelve-story structures. The choice of building technology depends on factors such as available materials, environmental considerations, and the specific requirements of the project. There are many challenges of implementing mass timber construction in the jungle environment and there is a need for hybrid solutions for multi-story buildings. Volumetric construction, which involves prefabricated modular units, is a suitable and efficient solution for this type of project.

However, there are challenges such as supply chain constraints and limited availability of volumetric containers. With any new venture it's all about learning from past experiences and failures in the offsite construction industry to improve future projects. Dennis explained his approach to bringing together experts and professionals in to create a collaborative network and find the best solutions for the project in Nusantara.

Dennis McMahon CEO,

Global Buildtech

Coordinator, GBT Modular Project Services

Offsite Awareness Programme for Large Scale Project Lenders & Developers

HP/Whatsapp: +60169839715 Office

Address: Lot 1042, Batu 21 Kampung Sungai Lui 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor Darul Ehsan

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