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Lean Principles: Contribution, Ownership, and Vulnerability

By: Sneha Kumari

Series: Leanify Construction with Sneha Kumari

"I am highly delighted to host this show in association with OSD. My eighth guest today is a close friend, leader in lean construction, a super connector, and the brand ambassador of "Kindness" Jesse!

Jesse’s career ranges from grading ditches to counseling Executives. This path taught him that we are more alike than we are different. He leverages this experience by supporting Leaders in building deep connections with their teams through their improvement initiatives. His message is one of Contribution, Ownership, and Vulnerability. This message is visible in his book Becoming the Promise You Are Intended to Be and the Live Stream experience known as No BS with Jen & Jess.

In our conversation, we delved into the fundamental principles and benefits of Lean- the 5S principle, emphasizing the approach of starting scrappy and gradually scaling. Prior to implementing any change, it's crucial to thoroughly understand the problem from multiple stakeholder perspectives. Socializing both the problem and potential solutions encourages diverse input, fostering a collaborative environment. Prioritizing the 'why' before the 'how' ensures a thoughtful approach to solutions.

In the current landscape, the value of authenticity and vulnerability has become increasingly important, especially in light of rising incidents in the industry. Embracing openness is essential. Let's actively pave the way for meaningful connections and encourage openness about our thoughts and feelings. A highlight of our conversation was the "pica pala" approach that he has been using in his work life which means the pick and shovel approach symbolizing the foundational skills required for project transformation. These core competencies are pivotal in driving effective change within a project.


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