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Determining the Success or Failure of a Project Timeline

"I am highly delighted to host this show in association with OSD. My ninth guest today is a trailblazer women leader in construction specializing in contract management," said Sneha Kumari.

Maegan Spivey is a construction contract manager who very recently turned Contracts Specialist at Document Crunch, an AI-assisted contract intelligence platform. She works on the Industry Solutions team to sustain the bridge from software tools to their meaningful application in the construction industry. Maegan gets to use her love of contracts to serve the construction industry in her goals of helping everyone with those contracts they use and making their lives a little easier.

During our discussion, we explored the fundamental aspects of the critical role a well-crafted contract plays in determining the success or failure of a project timeline. We highlighted the significance of ensuring financing assurance and the authority to halt work as crucial factors. Emphasizing the substantial risks involved, we underscored the necessity of establishing a template and maintaining control over its structure. By implementing this approach, we successfully streamlined our subcontractor agreements into simplified tables.

Additionally, we discussed the importance of a feedback loop to foster continuous improvement and develop balanced contracts collaboratively. Furthermore, my conversation partner shared insights into leveraging AI technology to streamline contract management processes, emphasizing its capacity to significantly reduce day-to-day workload. We made sure to twin in pink during this episode to celebrate Galentine's month! Make sure to tune in!


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