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Projects Fit into Lean Manufacturing

"I am highly delighted to host this show in association with OSD. My seventh guest today is an accomplished Leader and friend Adam Hoots".

Adam began his career in the construction industry as a plumber's helper and then as a red-line architect’s helper while attending the University of South Florida. Over the past 20 years, he has steadily advanced his career and has held a variety of roles within the industry. Adam has completed more than $1.5 billion in pre-construction and construction services for a diverse group of industries, including healthcare, higher education, industrial, life science, retail, and hospitality. Most projects have been in life science and high-tech laboratory construction for clients, such as Stanford University, Oregon Health Science University, the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), and the University of Florida (NIMET). A highly technical builder, Adam excels in efficiency, action, visual communication, and continuous improvement using Lean principles. As an avid, life-long learner, Adam has earned numerous credentials. His achievements include Lean Construction Coaching Professional (LCCP), Green Globes Certified, LEED Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction, BCSP STS-C, AGC CM Lean, Takt Master, and Scrum Master. Adam is passionate about elevating and empowering the construction industry partners and those around him. He works hard to drive respect to our skilled craft professionals and intentionally creates environments where capability development and innovation are encouraged. He serves on several community boards, including Skilled Trades Alliance (, kidSney (, National Kidney Foundation (, RECAB (Regional Education Center for Advisory Board - Greenville, SC) and SC Career Kids ( Adam is proud to continue his service to the construction industry through his coaching business Construction ACHE Solutions, and by teaching Construction Scheduling at Clemson University. 

In our conversation, we dive into his journey in construction and him dropping some truth bombs about this industry. His journey serves as a remarkable inspiration, not only for me but for all those in his orbit, as he navigates the challenges of kidney health issues while concurrently forging an outstanding career in the construction industry. He also fights for this cause so feel free to learn more about it and donate to his cause here:

A highlight of our conversation was when he said "We do not take a project and fit it in "Lean", we use Lean principles and make the project fit in it". This philosophy underscores the dynamic integration of Lean methodologies into every aspect of project management. Moreover, he underscored the invaluable nature of building trust within teams, emphasizing how trust acts as a cornerstone for collaborative success. The significance of daily huddles was another focal point, highlighting their role in fostering effective communication, quick decision-making, and overall team cohesion.

Two key takeaways from our conversation are:

1. There is a growing recognition of the significance of mental health in the field of construction. Take the time to familiarize yourself with your team members' names, share a smile, and appreciate the value of the people you collaborate with.

2. He recommends investing time in Takt planning, emphasizing that mastering the art of balancing our workflow can yield significant results. 


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