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Adopting Lean Globally at Mitsubishi Electric US

Leanify Construction Series with Sneha Kumari

"I am highly delighted to host this show in association with OSD. My sixth guest today is an amazing women leader Lien Randle. Lien (pronounced “Lynn”) currently serves as Senior Director of Continuous Improvement for the Americas Corporate Office of Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.

She’s been in this role since August 2021 and describes herself on her LinkedIn profile as an “Inveterate servant leader dedicated to inspiring people to lead successful and relevant lives. I create strategies that meaningfully connect our company's key stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders, and society) and drive awareness of and participation in our company's mission: to realize a vibrant and sustainable society”.

Lien has been with Mitsubishi for over fifteen years starting her career with the company in 2007 as the National Contracts Manager for the Elevators and Escalators Division. In that role (which she held until she moved to Continuous Improvement two years ago) she was responsible for the review and negation of all construction agreements nationwide which represents over the entirety of her career hundreds of master agreements with both small and large construction companies across the country. In addition to serving as Contracts Manager, Lien held several other roles in operations, training and development, and strategic planning. Before Mitsubishi Electric Lien lived and worked in northern California overseeing the family-owned elevator business. Combined, Lien has more than 30 years of experience in the elevator industry and nearly 35 years of serving people and helping them lead more productive lives.

Lien was elected to serve on the boards and then as President of the Northern California Industry Group (NCEIG) and the National Association for Elevator Contractors (NAEC) - the oldest and largest non-profit organization serving the elevator industry. In fact, in October 2001, Lien was the first female president and the youngest person ever elected to serve as president of this world-renowned association (NAEC).

In our conversation, we delved into her fascinating journey in construction, starting from her early years and navigating the challenges of overseeing projects from start to finish. Recently, she's been at the forefront of leading Lean projects, leveraging real-life examples for effective understanding—such as using an A3 on "Lord of the Rings," making complex concepts relatable and engaging.

One highlight was creating an environment where diverse groups could connect and understand each other better. A key aspect of the discussion revolved around the importance of addressing mental health in the workplace. We explored the impact of mental health on individuals, the reluctance to openly discuss mental well-being, and strategies to foster open conversations. Leadership's role in improving the current state and taking proactive measures to enhance overall well-being was a central theme.

Two key takeaways from our conversation are: 1. Have leadership understand the importance of mental health in construction and take tangible steps to address it. 2. Using real-life examples is an effective strategy to introduce Lean concepts in your team and get them engaged.

Lien Randle,

Senior Director of Continuous Improvement for Americas Corporate Office of Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.


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