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Leigh McAlpin Shares Insights on How Modular is Changing Construction

How modular is different from traditional building? Leigh McAlpin is the Director at Classic Architectural Group.

Leigh McAlpin of Classic Architectural Group
Leigh McAlpin of Classic Architectural Group

In a recent interview with, Leigh had this to share on how modular is changing the construction world.

Modular is the more recent innovation that has been developed as a solution to an ever-increasing global population. Traditional builds, which this answer will primarily speak to, are built on site. This can be a lengthy process, and it also requires an immense amount of skilled labor, significantly increasing complications and costs. Modular buildings are built off-site and then delivered to the site where they will be erected.

Traditional construction requires skilled labor and many materials to be transported onsite. At the same time, modular takes place in a factory where the materials stay until it is delivered to where it will be put together. Transporting materials onsite also increases the risk of damage or theft along the way. Modular building minimizes this risk and also cuts down on the cost of labor. The long-term savings in energy, waste, and money make modular a wiser choice than traditional construction.

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