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South Africa Moladi's Innovative Approach With Affordable Housing in 27 Countries

Hennie Botes, the CEO and inventor of Moladi Construction Technology, shared his innovative approach to disrupting the status quo in the construction industry by applying novel radical thinking, implementing frugal innovation and efficiency engineering, and emulating the lean production methodology of the automotive assembly line. Hennie, the founder of Moladi, shared his journey from designing a baby bath to molding houses and the challenges he faced in getting the construction industry to accept his innovation.

Hennie often refers to “Back to Basics”, using models from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

to Henry Ford’s Model T production line principal. In order to disrupt the status quo on

how homes are produced and funded, he utilizes his ability to think outside the box by

applying novel radical thinking, implementing frugal innovation and efficient engineering

to create disruptive technology by emulating the lean production methodology of the

automotive assembly line, enhancing the holistic value chain, reducing cost by increasing

production output by de-skilling the production operation, managing the supply chain,

delivering affordable homes and facilitating end-user financing.

Moladi's innovative approach to affordable housing involves streamlining the production process and partnering directly with suppliers. The company's plastic formwork system is easy to assemble and comes with a toolbox, creating jobs for local communities in rural areas. Moladi's success in providing proper dormitories for mine workers in the DRC and beyond is due to their innovative construction process that simplifies the building process and allows for local community participation. During the meeting, Audree Grubesic, founder of Offsite Dirt and Hennie discuss the affordability and durability of a unique building system that is fully integrated and has an amazing thermal property. This product has been built in 27 countries, designing homes, schools, hotels, dormitories, and several story buildings.

Hennie's innovative home loan solution, the Moladi Home Loan, aims to address the issue of housing affordability for people at the base of the housing market. By building houses at cost and selling them at a lower price than the market rate, Hennie hopes to make home ownership more accessible. This central platform is here to exchange best practices and ideas guiding the infrastructure and urban development industry in its transformation, and helping it to address its key challenges.

Moladi's mission: Empower People to Help Themselves – Jobs, producing Food and Shelter


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