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Our Environment is the PLACE we Live and Build

Eloisa Lewis is the CEO of New Climate Culture a unique company offering solutions for climate crisis. She stressed the importance of recognizing the community, species, and climate of a place when building an environment. She believes that we need to adapt to the needs of the place instead of imposing our own needs and creating from our imagination onto the space. Lewis discussed the errors that occur in landscape architecture and construction when the community, species, and climate of a place are not taken into consideration.

She emphasized the need to respect the gift of sharing the same air, water, and soil with all other forms of life and consciousness. Lewis also believes that we need to think about the world with new terms and frames to have a new industrial revolution and push forward with progress and that sustainability at its heart means longevity.

Audree Grubesic the host of Offsite Dirt shared her expertise on sustainable practices in construction, highlighting the importance of considering materials, energy efficiency, biogas, and circular water systems. Lewis emphasized that these solutions are accessible, cost-effective, and can have long-term benefits for both the environment and property. Also noted is the lack of education and awareness around sustainable practices and the need for individuals and companies to seek out and implement these solutions actively. Overall, this important environmental conversation provided valuable insights and practical solutions for promoting sustainability in the construction industry.


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