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Steel Frame Advantages over Wood

Audreee Grubesic, host of OffSite Dirt meets up with Scot Sheffield, Assoc. Director of Sales, Fortress Building Products. Scot has a diverse background in the construction industry spanning over several decades. Fortress Building Products is an innovative building products manufacturer. It’s products are focused on supplying and serving the growing railing, fence and building materials industries in North America and abroad.

In this interview Audree’s first questions is asking Scot for the advantages of framing with steel versus wood in your deck build projects.. There are many benefits of framing with steel especially for longevity. With the changes in forestry, wood is being harvested in as little as 7 years compared to 20 or 30 year growth and development from the lumber. The lumber product has changed and less dense than before. A steel frame will last your lifetime, maybe longer, if built properly.

Steel framed decks not only last longer, but the aesthetics of longer bases and in creased span of support. Steel tends to be less because you’ll save on labor ( less digging posts for span beams) less material costs, and less time to build the deck.

Scot shares design process for building steel framed decks. Someone can fill out some basic questions about deck build, and send in a drawing with a basic design plan and Fortress will send back a full plan and photo design of your project and how to build it. It makes the process less expensive and faster.Steel frame systems can also be used in pergolas, railings and fencing as well as many other product design ideas for outdoor living spaces.

Scot Sheffield | Associate Director of Sales

Fortress Building Products

940-594-4276 | 1-866-323-4766

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