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The Pulse of the Modular Movement

Modular and offsite construction technologies have a century-old history, and today's innovative real estate businesses are circling back to embrace standardization, improved quality-control, reduced waste and many other benefits that enhance modern construction methods. Connect with Karen Benner and Audree Grubesic as they present on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at 10am-1130am pst with the Latitude, Regenerative Real Estate Group.

Why? Because it's high time we start building with greater care for the earth, our workforce, our clients and communities. This presentation will show how offsite construction can help.

We’ll use Latitude's five Roots of Regeneration (health & wellness, sustainability, community, ecology, and spirit of place) as our guide.

We'll share our experience and expertise to educate you on prefab construction, providing key take-aways for Realtors, architects, developers, contractors, appraisers, and investors. We'll showcase how the modular movement positively impacts people and planet.

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