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"This is Architectural JENGA."

Art of Construction's very own Matt McMullen, a traditional architect that moved into the modular design and construction. Why did Art of Construction move into offsite design? Trades, Schedule and Budget are several of the benefits Matt discuss. There are many more constraints in modular or volumetrics construction from his experience. He takes boxes or module designs and stacking them like architectural JENGA. He has brought together both the offsite and onsite design. They design homes as a reflection of the client, how they live and their property site constraints.

Matt McMullen is a veteran in the industry with 34 years of experience in the design, real estate and construction fields, Matt is a licensed Architect in Colorado, California, Nebraska and Texas, a licensed Real Estate Broker Associate in Colorado, and holds AIA, LEED-AP: BD+C and NCARB professional designations.

Matt brings his professional depth and varied experience to the Art of Construction platform. Having worked previously with Mountain View Window & Door (from the client perspective) on many amazing projects, and as a guest and guest co-host on the Art of Construction podcast, Matt is thrilled to be a part of the Leadership Team providing Architectural Services at Art of Construction and Mountain View Window & Door.


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