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Australia's Outlier and EcoWise Homes Build with High Performance Principles

We meet our Australian friends at EcoWise Homes and Outlier on Offsite Dirt show discussing various topics related to high-performance building and construction in that country. The participants discussed the challenges of getting up early as an entrepreneur and the importance of being productive and starting the day early. They also discussed the use of the hybrid home methodology that aims to bridge the gap between standard construction and Passive House principles. The team emphasized the importance of collaboration and involving builders in the pre-construction process, which has been a key factor in the success of their projects.

Anthony Jenkin founded OUTLIER and is proud to be a part of the amazing design, research and education team. After a stint in his early 20’s as a carpenter for volume builders he has been on a mission ever since to improve Australia’s building design and construction. He has tertiary business experience and multiple trade qualifications accompanying over 15 years of industry experience and is on a quest to educate Australians about the benefits of designing and building better

Outlier and EcoWise Homes work together to design | build and discuss the topic of their high-performance builds. Audree, host of Offsite Dirt emphasized the power of social media in connecting with people and building relationships, and how it led to this collaboration with their guests from Australia.

The speakers discussed their successful collaboration process with clients, which involves engaging a consultant and a building designer from the beginning to ensure a desired outcome. They introduced their hybrid home methodology, which involves using conventional materials to create an airtight barrier and reduce labor costs. Anthony also highlighted the challenges they face in Australia with the limited availability of high-performance materials and high labor costs. David Millard, builder of EcoWise Homes emphasized the importance of climate considerations in their methodology and discussed their exciting Sedgwick hybrid home project, which involves a shearing shed-style home on a hundred-acre property.

The team discussed the challenges of building a hybrid home and the importance of using local products to avoid sourcing specialized products. They also emphasized the need to educate clients about the materials used and address health concerns related to indoor air quality and mold. The participants praised each other's work and expressed their appreciation for the collaboration, with a focus on continued collaboration and progress.


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