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Average Savings of $650,000 per Grocery Store

Wesco is a leading global supply chain solutions provider. The company’s industry expertise is recognized worldwide, and it is committed to providing innovative solutions to their customers' challenges.

Recently, Wesco partnered with Siemens to provide a custom solution for a national grocery chain's inefficient hand-picking product order system. The grocery chain was facing several profit-eroding challenges, including time inefficiencies, high labor costs, and revenue losses. They were searching for an automated technology-based solution that could be implemented across their stores to improve profitability.

The retailer required a custom solution capable of providing a flexible network-enabled system to control product ordering and delivery that could be deployed across its stores. Wesco, in collaboration with Siemens, offered the versatility and customizable capabilities to meet these needs. Wesco provided enclosures and materials for the installation of Siemens S7-1500 PLC’s, custom S7-1200 PLC’s, and a full Wi-Fi network. The new system included track and trace technology that enabled higher inventory accuracy and significantly reduced labor costs. The average savings per store was $650,000.

The successful outcome of this project provided the grocery chain with the incentive to replace their remaining current controls with Siemens components, giving them an alternative upgrade path that allowed them to exceed their specifications while their machines ran efficiently and decreased downtime.

Wesco's innovative solution has enabled customers to meet their accelerating demands for more powerful data and communications solutions. Their expertise and commitment to finding solutions to their customers' challenges have made them a trusted partner in the construction industry. Wesco's collaboration with Siemens has provided a customized solution that has significantly improved the profitability of the grocery chain, demonstrating their ability to provide innovative solutions to even the most complex challenges.


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